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Ta-da! This time has come - I've finished my art institute in master degree and became a professional artist! And this mean that I must find a cool job! And..while I have a free time I've started to torment my wacom tablet ^_^ He-he, really I've never thought that this thing is so awesome! It's looks like I've found another cool application to my professional skills ^_^ Anyway, till this time I'll do my best to master it! 
Finally sunny warm days... ))) Good opportunity to create) 
Hi, everybody!) It's finnaly winter and winter holidays for whom we all were waiting sooo long. I think it's a good reason to create something interesting and lovely) So...enjoy) 
Hi, everyone!))) As I sad before I'm very positive person, who can't be soooo sad a long time, so... I have my sadness passed and feel wonderful! Especially because It's autumn) Today I was at my aunties country house and have my pocket camera with me) There're a lot of different domesticated animals with whom I've made a few cool pics, hope you would like it! Enjoy!))) 
Hi, guys! I finnaly do it - wrote my first journal note! And it's all because of my mood, that spontaniously has depresed ((( (Generally I'm very happy and positive person, but not this time). It's very-very sadly now so I have decided to watch and learn some interesting thing about photoshop (It's allway usefull learning more). Besides I love to take pictures even if I haven't got a professional camera in my hands, just a simple pocket one (my moms' one) and my phone. I sad in my profile I also love PLANES! Especially war planes and helicopters (shorter-aircrafts). It's so beautiful and powerfull,my...  (If there are such opportunity in our country maybe,no, not maybe I WOULD be a pilot as my love to It so strong!). In other words I'm crazy about its! For luck my father also love war machines (tanks also) and he had a HUGE collection created by himself. Models (he has assembled and glued and painted and collected a lot of tanks, planes, few helicopters and even (I saw one time not assembled till the end soviet space station "Mir" and an old ship!). So if append my love to take pictures plus my love to aircrafts plus my love as a creative person to all beautifull in this world you can understand what exactly I have done in the end))) Yes, that's right I have plused usefull and pleasurable (as I need to get rid of my abnormal sad mood) and had made some pictures with fathers gorgeous "creatures"))) with using some interesting light effects (have played with my table lamp) plus using little simle refinement in PS I had learned today. So...enjoy! I hope you would be pleased by its!))) P.S. Thanks for reading so long scribble)))